Fabric And Silicon Protection Covers For iPhone 11 : Eye-Catching Experience

by Babli yadav on November 01, 2019

iPhone 11 Fabric Cover

With the launch of the new and updated versions of the iPhone i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro max, Apple has again proved its unbeatable capacity. The improved camera with wide-angle lenses and the smallest specifications make these phones the true apple of our eyes. But this beauty will be at its best if it is preserved properly.  Only getting a phone worth thousands will not do justice to the beauty, in fact, a good phone cover is a must to maintain its charm.
We have launched a wide variety of iPhone covers online to choose from, each having different subtleties and specifications. Following are their descriptions:-

Fabric covers for iPhone 11:  Made of high-quality Polypropylene and leather Polyurethane, these covers are soft and flexible. These act as shock absorbents and keep your phone free from scratches and dirt. Their slim fit and textured look make them look even more attractive.

Canvas fabric case for iPhone 11: The canvas model cover is again a very soft yet durable one. Its double tone finishes, with leather PU at the upper portion and canvas material at the bottom gives it the flexibility and extra beauty.

Silicone cases for iPhone 11: The silicon cases are the most flexible ones and fit around the phone like a skin. Lined with silica gel, these covers provide protection against short-distance drops. Moreover, their unique texture helps in preventing the phone from sliding down.


Silicon Case For iPhone 11

Physical Attributes of Our Phone Covers:
  • Resistant to fingerprint and damage- our phone cases are a fingerprint, sweat, and scratch-resistant. This feature makes a remarkable impact on the functioning of the phone in the long run.
  • Protection from collisions and bumps- The soft silica gel that is used to prevent any damage from bumps or knocks cushions the phone and acts as a stress resistance.
  • Multi-layering- The multi-layering phone covers are made up of many layers of premium leather on the backs and shock absorber polypropylene on the inside with a layer of silica gel for cushioning and a cloth layer to prevent against all odds.
  • Exact holes and cut-outs for buttons- The precise cutting of the edges of the cover and enlarged ports fit into almost all cables. The easy to press all buttons with responsive button covers provides all the required features.
  • Premium material – The premium fabric used in the covers has an element of authenticity and royal touch in them. The never-fading colors and stain-free feature will let the covers shine through always.
  • Wireless charging- the covers are so designed that they do not hinder wireless charging anytime and anywhere.
  • Slim fit- These are super soft to touch cases and so slim-fit designed that evade you from giving any kind of extra weight to the phone.
KSSShop offers a varied choice of magnificent phone covers for the newly launched iPhones. Their uniqueness lies in the extreme care taken to preserve the natural beauty and texture of the material and providing the best rough and tough, yet sleek and slim shield against all the unavoidable circumstances.