by Babli yadav on July 28, 2019

Headphones are an essential commodity in everyone’s life these days. When they first came out, it revolutionised the way people listened to music. It enabled people to listen to music anywhere and anytime they wanted.  It gave us a sense of freedom and flexibility with our music. But with the advent of Bluetooth headphones, the game changed completely as people didn’t have to worry about the cables and the earphone jacks anymore.

neckband headphones

Bluetooth headphones allowed people to get completely immersed in their music and provided complete freedom and allowed them to be free of any niggling wires. Today, the quality of Bluetooth headphones has improved tremendously, providing amazing battery life, top-notch sound quality and solid build quality. And you can enjoy all of these qualities in our Neckband Bluetooth headphones. The headphones have amazing build quality making sure that it will last a long time, impeccable sound quality and best-in-class battery life.

Some of the main features of the Neckband Bluetooth Earphone:

  • Neckband Design: The earphones are made of ultra-light alloy and designed in a way that that the connecting wires rest around the neck. This allows a comfortable fit especially when you are running, cycling, exercising and staying at home or in the office
  • Long Battery Life and Working Time: Our Neckband headphones are equipped with a 135 mAh rechargeable li-polymer battery which provides up to 8-10 hours of music and calling time. This ensures that your earphones never run out of juice whenever you are listening to your favourite tracks or in a conversation with your special ones
  • Long Bluetooth Operating Distance: With an operating distance of 10m, you don’t have to carry our phone constantly or worry about where you might have placed your phone while using our Neckband Bluetooth Earphones
  • Clear and Crisp Sound: With best-in-class sound quality and amazing balance of bass and treble, you can get the quality of premium headphones at the fraction of the price when you buy our Neckband Bluetooth headphones
  • Lightweight and Flexible: Our Neckband headphones are very lightweight and flexible and very resistant to any wear and tear

neckband bluetooth headphone


Main Specifications of the Neckband Bluetooth Earphones:

The earphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1 along with noise cancelling and waterproof technologies which provide you the freedom to use these earphones in any situations without any fear of damaging them. The Neckband headphones come with buttons for volume adjustment, call answering or rejection, switching to the next song or the previous one and also to switch them off.  This enables you to have complete freedom of operating the earphones without even touching the phone. The package comes with the 1 Bluetooth earphone, 1 USB charging cable, 1 user manual and earbuds in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large, to suit your comfort needs.