KShop Mini i96 Wireless Earbuds

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Mini i96 Earbuds

Product Description: With wireless Bluetooth earbuds becoming a rage right now, we present the Mini i96 Earbuds. Its beautiful and sleek design with its clear and crisp signature sound makes for a delightful sonic experience in your ears. Its long battery life makes it possible for you to listen to music for hours without any disruptions. Equipped with Bluetooth V5.0, connectivity between your device and the earbuds has never been better! The long operating distance of the earbuds will quash all your long-standing phobias about the functionality of wireless earbuds.



  • Rich and Clear Sound: The Mini i96 maintains a very delicate balance of bass, mid and treble at all volume levels which enhances the sonic experience of the listener and discover elements in their favourite music that they never thought existed in the first place!
  • Bluetooth V5.0: With the latest Bluetooth V5.0 inside, you can now enjoy music which is free of lag and can be operated over long distances without any disruptions!
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design: The functional design of the i96 earbuds puts little to no pressure on your ears and enables you to put them on for the whole day without any discomfort
  • Buttons for all functions: The earbuds are equipped with buttons for various functions like accepting/rejecting calls, play/pause songs, forward or reverse tracks without touching your phone giving you the true wireless experience!