Buy NOKIA 2.2 back covers from KSSShop and get amazing discounts!

                    Trendy smartphone covers are a fashion statement and an extension of your expression these days. A good back cover reflects your personality while acting as a protective gear for your precious phones. And with our wide range of NOKIA 2.2 back cover with proper cut-outs for the speaker, camera, charger and headphones, you will be spoilt for choice to accessorize your phone.

                    From the timeless and classic designs to the trendiest and the quirkiest ones, we have back covers of NOKIA 2.2 that will remain interesting for a long time and will get you compliments from almost everyone who sees it. We deliver all over India with free shipping and 7 day returns.

                    Our range of NOKIA 2.2 mobile case covers to accessorize your phone:

                    Everyone’s taste is different. We understand that. That’s why we have a wide variety of back covers for everyone to choose from:

                    • NOKIA 2.2 Plain Fabric Back Cover: Available in 2 colours : blue and black, the plain fabric covers are single coloured with a cloth like texture that provides a soft and comfortable grip for a very friendly user experience.
                    • Canvas Fabric Back Cover: Our canvas fabric NOKIA 2.2 cases come with a two tone look with fabric at the top and a canvas look at the bottom. Available in four colours: Red, Light Grey, Blue and Black, the colour combination in these covers makes your phone look really cool and hip.

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