OnePlus 10R Silicone Case & Covers

OnePlus 10R Case & Covers

Because of its flexibility, it is effortless to attach and detach from the OnePlus 10R. All the controls are easily accessible. It also appears to provide appropriate protection for the phone, thanks to the elevated beveled edge at the front and rear encircling the three prominent and dangerously sensitive camera lenses. 

OnePlus 10R Silicone Case & Covers

On the inside, there's a plush microfiber lining for further protection. It goes through countless hours of testing during the design and manufacturing process, just like every other Silicon case. As a result, it not only looks good but also safeguards the OnePlus 10R from damages and drops. This OnePlus 10R Silicone Case protects your phone from scratches, grime, and bumps with a soft silicone rubber gel. 

This OnePlus 10R Silicone cover is perspiration and fingerprint resistant, as well as anti-dust, water-resistant, and tear resistant. For a great and dignified item like the OnePlus 10R, a respectable mobile device like the Premium mobile cover for the OnePlus 10R is a must-have.

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