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      Once you buy your brand new OnePlus mobile phone, it becomes your jewelled possession and no amount of care can foresee an accidental fall and so to protect your mobile phone from any kind of damage, accidental falls and slips.

      We have the best option for the safety of your new mobile phone that is the KSS new designed OnePlus mobile case & covers. The mobile cover is basically made of a metal-plastic material which is a tight-fitted case and is of a very light-weight. The other significant functions of the OnePlus mobile back cover are: shockproof, waterproof and dirt resistant. There are several colors of the mobile case available and also there are several slots or cut-outs for the speakers and other function buttons to work properly without any hindrance.

      No need to wait further and just grab the best saviour of your phone that is the OnePlus mobile designer cover available in our store!