iPhone 11 Pro Max Matte Case - Black

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  • Matte Finish: The gorgeous matte finish of this phone case gives a supremely classy look to your phone reducing the number of fingerprints left behind on the phone case.
  • Non-slip grip: The non-slippery grip of this versatile phone case is ideal if you are experiencing phone fatigue or your hands are wet. In any case, this will surely last you long.
  • Pocket Ready: This iPhone case is super lightweight and feather-like that it becomes easy to bring it out from your pocket and also put it back as well.
  • Scratch Protection: The matte phone case adds an outer layer to the phone to protect it from all the scratches without adding any extra volume to your phone.
  • Exceptionally Thin: This phone case is supremely ideal for those people who like the original shape, size and the feel of their phone as it does not add any extra volume to your phone, and hence looks super classy and stylish.
  • Easy to Install: The matte phone case is super easy to install and remove that it becomes hassle-free with this phone case to operate the phone.
  • This case is specially designed for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Matte Case for iPhone 11 Pro
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matte case for iPhone 11 Pro Max
matte cover for iphone 11 pro max