Why KShop?

There is a KShop within each one of us, the burning flame that's constantly pushing us to follow our dreams. It is this inner KShop that drove Babli Yadav to found their own company, in 2019. What better name could there be for it, than KShop?

The Beginning.

KShop started out selling smartphone cases but Babli yadav saw the smartphone revolution and realised that with a phone at the centre of most people's lives, smartphone accessories would be the next big thing in India. KShop diversified into smart wearables and wireless headphones.

KShop Today.

KShop makes the latest personal technology accessories available and affordable to young Indian consumers.

The Future.

KShop is renewing its focus on Premium Mobile Covers, smart wearables & hearables. (wireless headphones with advanced features) We aim to be the biggest player in the Indian market, a household name with young, highly tech-savvy Indian consumers and a brand Indians are be proud of.